Saturday, January 8, 2011

What can Chlorophyll do to heal the body?

Although most people have never heard of drinking chlorophyll, most people who are in the process of healing with natural methods are using it.  You may remember from a science class back in school that chlorophyll is the hemoglobin of a plant. I like to call it the green blood of a plant.  It matches the structure of human blood and can boost activities of the blood.  Oh, and by the way it is alkaline since it is plant material.

So, what exactly does chlorophyll do once it gets into the body.  I did some looking around and found the following information.  First, it can help the liver push out toxins by binding to the toxins and carrying them out of the body. It has also been shown to guard against liver cancer. Some of the toxins it helps pull from the body are heavy metals like mercury. Mercury is toxic in the body and can be introduced through eating fish, dental work that appears silver in color, or through water supplies.

Chlorophyll, being similar to human blood, helps blood carry oxygen to cells. When cells are getting oxygen they can resist carcinogens or cancer causing chemicals. Chlorophyll also has anti-bacterial properties that help the body fight against unhealthy bacteria.  It has also been known to reduce odor in the body, stop strep infections, heal open wounds, stop ulcers, diminish varicose veins,  stop parasitic vaginal infections, treat inflammation of the uterine cervix, rid the body of impetigo, and reduce symptoms of typhoid fever.

Chlorophyll can be purchased at most health food stores in the supplements section. It is a concentrated liquid and dosing directions are included on the bottle. I drink about 4 tablespoons per day.  Drink up and enjoy the benefits of good health!!

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